Special Dresden pendant as Dresden Frauenkirche 925 silver

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Diameter of the pendant: 1,18
Material: 925 Silver
Refinement: rhodium-plated
Jewelry stone: Blue River
Design: Designed by Pantercats
Compatibility: Allergy friendly

Unique Dresden Pendant as Dresden Frauenkirche 925 Silver

Explore our exclusive 925 silver pendant showcasing the iconic Dresden Frauenkirche. A symbol of architectural beauty and history, meticulously crafted by Pantercats.

Additional Product Information

Product Details

Product Name: 925 Silver Pendant - Dresden Frauenkirche


This exquisite pendant showcases the iconic Dresden Frauenkirche, a symbol of architectural beauty and historical significance. Made from high-quality 925 silver by Pantercats.


  • Material: High-quality 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Brand: Pantercats
  • Design: Dresden Frauenkirche
  • Architectural Symbol: Iconic representation of historical significance
  • Color: Silver
  • Gender: Female, Male, Unisex
  • Age Group: Adults (13 years and above) and Children (5 - 13 years).

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with perfume, lotions, and chemicals to preserve the shine.
  • Store the pendant separately to prevent scratches.
  • Clean it gently with a soft cloth to maintain the shine.

Wear this pendant with pride and celebrate the beauty of the Dresden Frauenkirche.

Technical Details

  • Material: 925 Silver


History of the Necklace Pendant

Uncover the backstory of the structure behind our exclusive 925 silver pendant showcasing the iconic Dresden Frauenkirche.

History of the Dresden Frauenkirche

The Dresden Frauenkirche stands as a remarkable Protestant church at the center of the Old Town in Dresden, Germany. Also known as the "Church of Our Lady" (Kirche der Unseren Lieben Frau), it is hailed as one of the foremost architectural marvels of the Baroque era, symbolizing the profound history and cultural heritage of Dresden.


The history of the Frauenkirche dates back to the 18th century. Construction began in 1726 according to the plans of architect George Bähr. The church was built in the Baroque style and is characterized by its distinctive dome and imposing sandstone facade. The Frauenkirche initially served as a church for the Lutheran community of Dresden.


The Frauenkirche's architecture is striking, embodying the Baroque style. It boasts an impressive dome, counted among Europe's largest stone domes. Its facade is lavishly decorated with sculptures, ornaments, and sandstone statues. Inside, the church showcases elegant design, highlighted by a grand pulpit, altar, and magnificent organ.

Destruction and Reconstruction:


The Dresden Frauenkirche now stands for tolerance, peace, and humanity's ability to rebuild even after the most devastating destruction. Its majestic appearance and historical significance make it an outstanding cultural and architectural gem in Europe.

  • The Dresden Frauenkirche endured significant damage during the 1945 air raids on Dresden in World War II, leading to its eventual collapse. The ruins served as a poignant reminder of the atrocities of war for numerous years. Only after the reunification of Germany did the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche become feasible. Commencing in 1994, the reconstruction effort culminated in 2005. Original materials were utilized whenever feasible in the rebuilding process. Today, the church stands as a powerful symbol of reconciliation and reconstruction.

    The Frauenkirche is not only a significant religious building but also an important symbol of unity and reconstruction in Germany after World War II. It attracts visitors from around the world who admire its impressive architecture and want to learn about the history of the city of Dresden.