925 Silver Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver

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Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver | Unique Jewelry | Pantercats

Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver

Explore the charm of the Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver. A unique piece of jewelry that beautifully combines feline grace with the elegance of heart-shaped zirconia. Perfect as a gift for cat lovers or as an expression of your distinctive style. Buy now!

Rhodium-plated for lasting shine.

Additional Product Information

Detailed Product Description

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver. This exquisitely crafted ring captures the essence of feline grace with a heart-shaped zirconia, creating a unique and elegant piece of jewelry. The high-quality 925 silver, along with the enduring rhodium plating, ensures not only radiant shine but also timeless beauty. Wear this special ring with pride – a perfect gift for cat enthusiasts or as a unique expression of your personal style.

Product Details

Product Name: Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring in 925 Silver


  • Material: High-quality 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Design: Cat and heart-shaped zirconia.
  • Adjustable: Not adjustable.
  • Crafting: Expertly crafted for durability and quality.
  • Everyday Wear: A unique and elegant piece suitable for daily wear.
  • Plating: Rhodium for a brilliant look.
  • Size: Standard sizes available
  • Closure: Classic ring closure
  • Brand: Pantercats
  • Crafting: Handcrafted by experienced artisans and quality-checked.
  • Everyday Wear: Due to its timeless design, the ring is ideal for daily use.
  • Plating: Rhodium for a shiny look.
  • Gender: Female, Male, Unisex
  • Size: of choice
  • Age Group: Adults (13 years and above) and Children (5 - 13 years).
  • Color: Silver

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with perfume, lotions, and chemicals to preserve the shine.
  • Store the ring separately to avoid scratches.
  • Clean it gently with a soft cloth to maintain the shine.

Wear this Cat and Heart Zirconia Ring with pride and let your unique style shine through.

Technical Details

  • Material: 925 Silver with Rhodium Plating


Wide: 0,03 in
Material: 925 Silver
Refinement: rhodium-plated
Jewelry stone: Zirconia
Compatibility: Allergy friendly

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So findest du deine Größe

Methode 1: Durchmesser von anderem Ring messen

Der Durchmesser ist das Maß der die Innenbreite eines Rings von einer Seite zur anderen.
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Ø Umfang EU US UK
14 mm 44 mm 44 3 f1/2
14.6 mm 46 mm 46 3.75 h
15.3 mm 48 mm 48 4.5 h1/2 - i1/2
16 mm 50 mm 50 5 j-k
16.5 mm 52 mm 52 6 l - l1/2
17.2 mm 54 mm 54 7 m1/2 - n1/2
17.8 mm 56 mm 56 7.5 o-p
18.5 mm 58 mm 58 8.5 p1/2 - q1/2
19 mm 60 mm 60 9 r1/2 - s
19.8 mm 62 mm 62 10 t1/2
20.4 mm 64 mm 64 10.5 v