Special Dresden pendant as Dresden Frauenkirche 925 silver

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Diameter of the pendant: 1,18
Material: 925 Silver
Refinement: rhodium-plated
Jewelry stone: Blue River
Design: Designed by Pantercats
Compatibility: Allergy friendly

Unique Dresden Pendant as Dresden Frauenkirche 925 Silver

Our unique Dresden pendant, depicting the Dresden Frauenkirche in 925 silver, is a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the beauty and heritage of Dresden. This elegant pendant is perfect for anyone who appreciates architectural beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Design and Materials of the Dresden Pendant

This exquisite pendant is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver and showcases the intricate details of the Frauenkirche. The elegant design highlights the architectural beauty of this historic landmark.

Significance of the Frauenkirche

The Dresden Frauenkirche is a symbol of resilience and reconstruction, as it was rebuilt after World War II. This pendant not only represents architectural beauty but also the spirit of renewal and strength.

Unique Features of the Dresden Pendant

This pendant combines intricate design with a strong historical connection, making it a unique and meaningful accessory. It is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions, adding an elegant touch to any outfit.

Perfect Gift for Architecture Enthusiasts

Packaged in an elegant jewelry box, this pendant is the ideal gift for anyone who loves architecture and history. Its timeless beauty makes it a cherished gift for any occasion.

Historical Details of the Frauenkirche Dresden

Discover the history of the building with our exclusive 925 silver pendant featuring the iconic Dresden Frauenkirche.

The Dresden Frauenkirche is an impressive Protestant church in the heart of Dresden's old town, Germany. Its official name is "Church of Our Lady." The church is considered one of the most significant architectural masterpieces of the Baroque and symbolizes the rich history and culture of the city of Dresden.

The History of the Frauenkirche Dresden:

The history of the Frauenkirche dates back to the 18th century. Construction began in 1726 according to the plans of architect George Bähr. The church was built in the Baroque style and is characterized by its distinctive dome and impressive sandstone facade. The Frauenkirche initially served as a church for the Evangelical-Lutheran community of Dresden.

The Architecture of the Dresden Frauenkirche:

The architecture of the Frauenkirche is impressive and reflects the Baroque architectural style. The church has an impressive dome, which is considered one of the largest stone domes in Europe. The facade is richly decorated with sculptures, ornaments, and sandstone statues. The interior of the church is elegantly designed and features an imposing pulpit, altar, and impressive organ.

Destruction and Reconstruction:

During World War II, the Dresden Frauenkirche was heavily damaged in 1945 during the air raids on Dresden and eventually collapsed. For many years, the ruins remained as a memorial to the horrors of war. It was only after German reunification that the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche became possible. The reconstruction process began in 1994 and was completed in 2005. The church was rebuilt using original materials as much as possible and is now a symbol of reconciliation and rebuilding.

The Significance of the Church:

The Frauenkirche is not only an important religious building but also a significant symbol of unity and reconstruction in Germany after World War II. It attracts visitors from all over the world who admire its impressive architecture and learn about the history of the city of Dresden.

Today, the Dresden Frauenkirche stands for tolerance, peace, and humanity's ability to rebuild even after the worst destruction. Its majestic appearance and historical significance make it an outstanding cultural and architectural gem in Europe.

Pendant of the Dresden Frauenkirche

Material: 925 sterling silver
Design: Dresden Frauenkirche
Pendant Type: Architectural pendant
Packaging: Elegant jewelry box

Care Instructions for Our Dresden Pendant

To keep this pendant in perfect condition, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and avoid contact with chemicals and excessive moisture.

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Product Features of the Dresden Pendant:

  • Product Use: Dresden Frauenkirche Pendant in 925 Silver
  • Product Name: Unique Dresden Pendant as Dresden Frauenkirche 925 Silver
  • Material: 925 Silver (Genuine Sterling Silver)
  • Silver Finish: Tarnish-resistant due to rhodium plating
  • Design: Dresden Frauenkirche
  • Set Includes: Pendant
  • Craftsmanship: All parts are handmade by experienced craftsmen and quality checked
  • Everyday Wear: Thanks to their elegant design, these pieces are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions
  • Special Features: Attention to detail, exceptional design
  • Fashion Trends: Timeless jewelry trend
  • Fashion Styles: Casual, Elegant, Universally combinable
  • Brand: Pantercats
  • Gender: Female, Unisex
  • Color: Silver
  • Age Group: Adults (13+) and Children (5-13 years)
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes (Hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver)
  • Suitable for Allergy Sufferers: Yes
  • Occasions: Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Wedding
  • Target Audience: Women of all ages

Care Instructions for the Special Dresden Pendant:

  1. Regular Cleaning: With a soft cloth
  2. Avoid Moisture: Remove before showering and swimming
  3. Dry Storage: Store in a jewelry box or pouch
  4. Avoid Chemicals: Avoid direct contact with perfume
  5. Regular Polishing: With a silver polishing cloth
  6. Beware of Mechanical Impact: Avoid scratches

Pantercats Jewelry Packaging for Your Dresden Pendant

This product comes in an elegant dark blue Pantercats jewelry box with our Pantercats brand logo, adding an extra touch to your purchase. Only the best for your Pantercats jewelry piece!

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