Unique sleeping dragon pendant made of 925 silver limited

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Unique sleeping dragon pendant made of 925 silver limited

Unique design:

Self-designed, limited dragon pendant made of high-quality 925 silver - a highlight for every dragon lover.

Additional Product Information
Additional Product Information

Product Name: Unique Sleeping Dragon Pendant in 925 Silver - Limited Edition

Description: A limited edition, self-designed dragon pendant made from 925 silver. Oxidized for a smoky, wild look or rhodium-plated for an elegant statement, this unique jewelry piece is an artful collector's item.


  • Material: Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver.
  • Design: Self-designed dragon pendant for collectors.
  • Rhodium Plating: Provides a shiny and unique charm.
  • Brand: Pantercats
  • Gender: Female, Male, Unisex
  • Color: Silver
  • Age Group: Adults (13 years and above) and Children (5 - 13 years).
Care Instructions:
  • Avoid contact with perfume, lotions, and chemicals to protect the pendant.
  • Store it separately to prevent scratches.
  • Clean gently with a soft cloth to maintain its shine.
  • Wear this artful piece of jewelry with pride.
Symbolism of Dragons in Jewelry
Symbolism of Dragons in Jewelry

Dragons are fascinating creatures that have held special meanings and symbolism in various cultures worldwide. In the realm of jewelry, dragons are often used as powerful and mystical elements to convey a range of meanings and qualities.

  • Strength and Power: Dragons often symbolize unparalleled strength and power. In jewelry, a dragon can represent inner strength and the ability to overcome challenges. Depicting a dragon holding a jewel or gem can further emphasize triumph over difficulties and the value of inner strength.
  • Protection and Guardian: In many cultures, dragons are seen as guardians providing protection against negative influences. A dragon motif in jewelry can be interpreted as a personal protective mechanism, shielding the wearer from dangers and accompanying them through turbulent times.
  • Wisdom and Knowledge: Dragons are frequently associated with wisdom and knowledge, especially in Eastern mythology. A dragon pendant or ring can serve as a symbol of wisdom and the pursuit of spiritual or intellectual growth.
  • Luck and Prosperity: In some cultures, dragons are considered symbols of good luck and prosperity. Jewelry featuring dragon motifs can be worn as talismans to attract positive energies and promote success in life.
  • Connection to Cultures: Dragons have deep roots in many cultures, whether in Chinese dragon culture, European dragon tales, or other mythological traditions. Wearing dragon jewelry can establish a connection to these cultural roots, symbolizing pride in one's heritage.
  • Individuality and Rebellion: In some cases, a dragon also represents individuality and the ability to go against the norm. Dragon motifs in jewelry can express rebellion or independence, highlighting the wearer's uniqueness and determination.

Overall, the use of dragon motifs in jewelry provides rich and profound symbolism. Choosing a dragon piece can hold varying meanings based on personal beliefs and values, making this jewelry a unique and meaningful accessory.

Length: 1,22 in
Wide: 1,22 in
Material: 925 Silver
Design: Designed by Pantercats
Compatibility: Allergy friendly